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LJ fiends, this is a call to arms… err, fingers. Voting fingers, that is. Just go to www.dabwaha.com and vote for Irregulars by Josh Lanyon (that's Pros very own jgraeme2007), Nicole Kimberling, Ginn Hale and Astrid Amara. That's all. Vote. No registering involved, no email required. And once you've voted, vote again on your mobile's 3G, and on every device you own that is capable of connecting to the internet under its own steam. Then venture forth and connect to all the wi-fi hotspots and vote again. Vote at work. I won't tell you to use your neighbour's wi-fi because that would be totally unethical but what you do in your own home is not my business. Remember the ethos of these awards is not of fair play. It's not the best author that wins but the number of votes. It's all about the IP addresses and no-one's looking over our shoulders to see how we obtain them.

The very worthy opposition, Abigail Roux is currently working the pity vote. So what if she's just one author. So what if she's recovering from surgery and it pains her to type every single rallying word. WE CAN DEFEAT THE RED QUEEN & ALL HER MINIONS. WE HAVE CANNIBAL CHEFS! WE HAVE SEXY DEMONS! WE HAVE UNDEAD TRAMPS! WE HAVE UNICORNS & SPARKLY PORN PONIES!

Voting finishes at 4.59pm GMT. Vote early and vote often. Go. Now. Don't make me have to repeat myself.


Hacked email account. Hacked off.

My yahoo email account has been hacked. Again. Thanks to byslantedlight for the heads-up ♥ So if any of you have an email from me with no subject and just a link in the email then it's not from me. You know I'll have more to say to you than just a URL :D Don't click the link... you know the drill!

LoM fic: Appetisers

Fandom: Life on Mars
Title: Appetisers
Rating: Green cortina
Word count: 1100-ish
Written for: debl_ns in the Ficathon 2012 on lifein1973
Prompt: Sam/Gene, ravenous, up to and including brown cortina
Notes: This is very late. I'm rubbish at being a pinch-hitter. Enjoy!

AppetisersCollapse )

LoM fic: Focus

Fandom: Life on Mars
Title: Focus
Rating: Green cortina
Word count: 1400-ish
Notes: Written for ficathon 2012 on lifein1973 for thesmallhobbit
Prompt: Sam/Gene, established relationship, something from one of their pasts comes between them.
Summary: In the end it didn't matter that Sam wasn't who Gene thought he was. It didn't matter that Sam was a man or that he was Gene's DI, or that he had killed a man. In the end all that mattered to Gene was Sam.

FocusCollapse )

Happy birthday, ancastar.

Don't work too hard!

Pros drabble: All-Knowing.

Long ago, so long ago that I can't even count that far back, I did a meme inviting peeps to leave prompts and I would write them a drabble based on that prompt. norfolkdumpling showed me her rather nice icon --

-- and here's the drabble what I wrote *cue fanfare*


It's times like these when Bodie realises just how much he loves Ray Doyle. An unpredictable temper, a moral compass and skin-tight jeans encasing an undeniably masculine body shouldn't be a turn-on for an ex-SAS soldier who cut his teeth in the Liverpool docklands and spent his coming of age in yet another African war.

It's a fierce, possessive, all-consuming love and he'll never admit his feelings, not even to his irascible partner. Blokes don't feel like that about other blokes, do they?

Sometimes, Doyle looks at him… as if he knows.

But if Ray won't ask, Bodie won't tell.

Mar. 7th, 2012

My understanding of this law is that St Petersburg think they're protecting their children by not exposing them to any information about homosexuality. I think they're wrong.


I still have a number of AO3 invitations so if anyone hasn't got an account and wants one, let me know your email address either by PM or a comment here.

In other news... it's been half-term this week. Yeah, nothing noteworthy there. No.2 son insists on keeping me updated with how he's been faring on his Xbox game. I think it's GTA, but I daren't ask because he'll assume I'm interested and I'll get more updates. As far as I know I've only ever shown disapproval of a game that encourages car theft and reckless driving, but he seems to think I should know how he's getting on. I did ask if he got more points the more people he knocked over and he rolled his eyes and informed me 'you don't score that way, mother.' Which of course reminded me of a certain Pros scene in a bowling alley and I stopped listening to him...

I've signed up for the Pros Big Bang. No, I don't know why either. I keep changing my mind with what to write. Do I want older lads? Together lads? Torn-apart lads? CI5 or AU? *sigh* It's started already.

Pros pics

It's been lovely to see all the Pros piccies in my flist, thanks to byslantedlight, and I'm certain there's loads more to come. I don't have a favourite of the Lads, cos I can't choose just one! Anyway, I've posted these magazine scans before, but you don't mind, do you? No, I thought not.
A slight bias towards Doyle, but then, that's me *g*

Brace yourselves...Collapse )


Originally posted by lokifan at Calling on the Commonwealth to decriminalise homosexuality
We need as many people as possible to sign in the next 48 hours - especially those from the Commonwealth.

Pros fic: Hurt. B/D

Title: Hurt
Author: Hambel
Format: short story. 950 words
Circuit Archive / Pros-Lib: yes
Slash/Gen: slash
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Summary: Doyle in hospital, Bodie visiting.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bodie, Doyle etc.
Notes: Thanks to cornishcat for the medical jargon <3

I don't think you're allowed excitement…Collapse )

Pros drabble: Find him.

Title: Find him.
Fandom: Pros
Word Count: 100
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle if you squint
Summary: Bodie's missing
Disclaimer: I do not own Bodie or Doyle. Unfortunately.

Cross-posted to the_safehouse

Find himCollapse )

15 song meme. Come and play...

chamekke was the first and others soon followed with this meme --

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line or two from the first 15 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly. Actually, I'm changing this bit. I'll take song title but I'm not too bothered about artist, because there are bound to be cover versions that I haven't heard of, and you won't have a clue which one I'm listening to *g*
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

I don't have an ipod, but luckily I have children who can show me how to work Windows Media Player *g*Collapse )

"Let's get gay married!" commentfic meme.

I've just seen this in one of the comms I belong to. (It's being hosted in a personal LJ, so don't worry about invading other fandoms *g*)

It's a comment!fic meme to celebrate New York's legalisation of same-sex marriage, writing fic about weddings. All same-sex pairings welcome, any rating, any fandom. Write about proposals, engagements, wedding planning, or saying "I do," in a place where same-sex marriage is legal now, or somewhere the fight's still on. Have characters elope, tie the knot at City Hall, make their vows on a spaceship, or whatever else strikes your fancy, officially recognised or otherwise. Basically, anything remotely marriage-related goes.

There are a lot of SPN prompts but don't let this put you off -- it really is multi-fandom. I've left a Pros prompt *g* so go on over and take a look. I know a lot of us are in the middle of Big Bangs but comment!fic is short fic, just a snippet in the lives of our favourite slash and femslash pairings and it could be fun to try something new.

Anyone up for a prompt or for writing?

Happy Birthday to yoo-hoo!

Happy Birthday draycevixen

I'm not sure if the lads are waiting for you or hiding from you. *g*

Have a fantabulous day... and don't do anything I wouldn't. Ahem!

I wrote a drabble for snape100  for the random cliché challenge. No. 372 Chase a Rainbow.

Be Careful What You Wish For.Collapse )

Then the very talented togsos  offered to translate it into Irish for me in celebration of St Patricks Day (which, I think, lasts the whole week, but who am I to judge? *g*). We believe it is among the first to be translated into Irish. *does Irish jig*

Bí Cúramach Cad mian leat ChunCollapse )

togsos  also explained a little bit about the language for me:

Notes on translationCollapse )
Thank you very much togs. *hugs*

Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part Umpteen

With original credit to foreverfoxcat, but honestly, everybody's doing it… this is soooo 24 hours ago…

My Reasons To Be Cheerful (in no particular order) are…

Becoming a Gran for the first time in July this year, writing, my boys, family, sunny days, weight loss of 2st 10lb (so far!), good fanfic, Bodie/Doyle, Gene/Sam, Snarry, Harry Potter books, friends (online and offline), girlie evenings out, coffee with friends, internet, anonymous porn fests, Professionals, Life on Mars, picspams of gorgeous men, Sunday roast, Old Parish Poorhouse, freshly mown grass, a well-stocked fridge, my laptop, looking through old photos, leather gloves, writing holidays, taking photos, books on shelves, living near the sea, second-hand bookshops, finding obscure things on ebay, playing cds loudly in the car when I'm on my own, lazy days with the family, memes that cheer everybody up.


Pros drabble -- Shadowed Intentions

Another from my drabble meme. This time for draycevixen who requested 'Doyle has a fan (as in person who fancies him/likes him). Writers's choice.' Here you are, petal...

Shadowed Intentions.

Bodie can see her watching from the shadows. Doyle's noticed her and thinks she means no harm, but then, Doyle thought that about Jill Haydon and look at the damage she almost managed to cause. Then there was May fucking Li, whose angelic looks almost brought about Doyle's premature demise.

She might be harmless, of course, this girl in the shadows. She might just be a girl with an infatuation -- a thing for older men -- and who could blame her? Bodie wouldn't fault her taste.

But if she wants to get to Doyle, she has to get to Bodie first.

Pros Rewatch -- Killer With A Long Arm

Well, I think that's officially answered the whole Rest Room/VIP Lounge question *g*

Just a few thoughts -- nothing earth-shattering...Collapse )

Is it me?

I'm not getting all of my notifications from LJ :( Is anyone else having the same problem?

Pros drabble -- Do As I Do.

My first drabble from the recent drabble meme. I haven't filled up all the spaces so join in if you want to :)

This is for byslantedlight who requested Bodie/Doyle, cuts.

Do As I Do

Extract of minutes from a meeting held on 26th Feb 1987 to discuss departmental cuts -- pinned to the staff notice board in CI5.

It was proposed by 3.7 that another saving could be made if operatives shared accommodation, instead of the current 'one operative, one residence' rule. With a show of hands, five were in favour, two against and one abstained. The motion was passed. 3.7 then volunteered himself and 4.5 to be the first to implement the new rule, as both are due for a move, thus setting an example to more junior operatives. Mr. Cowley gave his agreement.

Watching wiv ma boy

I ordered Star Trek:XI a couple of days ago and it arrived today, so we're now watching it.

If I get a new obsession, I'll know who to blame!!


Drabble meme.

This is all over my flist in various mutations (*g*) and I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely drabbles and graphics that it produces.

So, on the bandwagon I jump...

The first TEN people to comment get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character/trio of their choosing.* In return, they have to post this in their journal, offering drabbles or icons (yeah, you can't get away with saying you can't write! *eg*), regardless of their ability level and give it a go.

(1) byslantedlight Bodie/Doyle, prompt: cuts.
(2) draycevixen, prompt: Doyle has a fan (as in person who fancies him/likes him). Writers's choice.
(3) norfolkdumpling Bodie/Doyle, prompt: icon with Bodie looking at Doyle appraisingly.
(4) severinne Sam/Gene, prompt: icon with Sam in car.
(5) solosundance Bodie/Doyle, prompt: make up sex.
(6) saintvic Pros/LoM, Bodie/Sam, prompt: envy
(7) probodie Bodie/Doyle, prompt: seaside

*in a fandom where you know I know vaguely who's who at least. I'd prefer slash prompts but het/gen/femslash are just as welcome. *g* Feel free to add prompt word/s if you like, just remember it's only 100 words.

Happy Birthday norfolkdumpling!

So.. there was this guy hanging around your LJ. It was obvious you weren't in, so I brought him over to my place to offer him tea.

I dunno how his shirt came unbuttoned...

Have a fantabulous day norfolkdumpling. You deserve it ♥ ♥ ♥

Like sheep we are. Sheep, I tell you!

I will post the names of all the files (with current word count) in my WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. If you have questions, I shall attempt to evade them! *g* If there's one you're interested in, I shall post you a snippet.

It's like a trip down memory lane *g* Obviously, I'm not working on all of these at the same time…

Harry Potter

Albus birthday fic (234 words, although I'm sure I've got more notes scribbled down somewhere.)
Drapery_snarco challenge attempt 2 (286)
DraperySnarcoChallenge (11,575)
Ghosts of the Past (1,820)
Severus Big Bang drabbles (2) (1,499)
Severus Big Bang fic (only 98 words, but others scribbled down somewhere)

Life on Mars

Bester Friends (401)
Crossover Challenge (414)
Christmas fic LoM (293)
Ficathon 2008 (2,259)
Flashslash 87 (282)
Flashslash 103 set 1 (229)
Hospital fic (7,219)
Pros crossover (1,898)
The Way You Look Tonight (1,080)

The Professionals

30 years challenge (892)
Bodie (131)
Cracky Space fic (453)
Deck the Halls (417)
Dialj Christmas 08 challenge (766)
Discovered in a Haunting (156)
Drabble for pros_icontest (129)
Flashslash 100 (279)
Older lads fic inspired by pic (722)
Park fic (245)
Shotgun Tommy_Doyle for Drayce (360)
Shotgun Tommy_Ray Doyle for Drayce (360)

LoM Big Bang

Hello, fellow LoM-ers. There has been much talk of a Life on Mars Big Bang taking place and it's now time to take the bull by the horns, to put my money where my mouth is, to seize the day, to... *sigh*

It's time.

I've created a community called, appropriately enough, lom_bigbang which is just a shell at the moment, but will soon be hosting sign-up posts, wibbling posts, posts of mass hysteria, and eventually FIC!

I have a rough timeline in mind, and that's about all. I can set time aside each evening to deal with stuff, as my hubby works nights and he can't nag me about being on t'internet if he's not here *g*

Is there anyone who has experience of this sort of thing who would like to help or to just advise? Anyone who can help with graphics and/or icons for the BB? I'm happy to muddle through by myself, but why should I have all the fun? *g*

I will put a post up on lifein1973, but I don't know whether it will be a post like this, or a post to announce the sign-ups. In the meantime, if you have LoM fen on your flist who are not on mine, feel free to direct them here -- my journal is always open :)

Last but not least.... do you think you'll sign up???


Birthday Greetings

Word on the streets is that it's Loz's birthday . Sam and Gene have just found out...

Happy birthday, Loz. Have a great day xx

Pros fic: Leaving Home, B/D, PG

Fandom: The Professionals
Title: Leaving Home.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3620
Pairing/Characters: Bodie/Doyle
Warning/s: Warning/s under cutCollapse )
Summary: Bodie and Doyle are on the run from CI5, but find themselves moving from place to place in an attempt to stay one step ahead.
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, but ideas for the story are.
Notes: Written for the Discovered in the Fairylights challenge and originally posted over at discoveredinalj in ten parts.

Leaving Home, by Hambel

Leaving HomeCollapse )
Yes! That's the first of my martianholiday fics finished. Three hundred words exactly. *beams*

One more martianholiday fic to do and one Pros fic for discoveredinalj that needs finishing off. It looks as though I'm ahead of schedule. Shhh, don't tell anyone *g*

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