Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

HP drabble: Be Careful What You Wish For. Also in Irish.

I wrote a drabble for snape100  for the random cliché challenge. No. 372 Chase a Rainbow.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Severus Snape advanced through life desiring things he had no prospect of obtaining. Each time that power and people slipped from his grasp he could hear Father's voice mocking him for not being good enough, for not being deserving enough, for simply not being… enough.

Grandma Snape called it 'chasing rainbows', handing out slices of Victoria sponge as she clucked her tongue and told Severus to lower his expectations. Granny Prince pursed her lips, telling Severus they didn't know a good thing when they saw it as she taught him yet another Dark Curse.

Rainbows eluded him; the darkness wouldn't.

Then the very talented togsos  offered to translate it into Irish for me in celebration of St Patricks Day (which, I think, lasts the whole week, but who am I to judge? *g*). We believe it is among the first to be translated into Irish. *does Irish jig*

Bí Cúramach Cad mian leat Chun

Severus Snape chun cinn tríd an saol a dteastaíonn uaidh rudaí a raibh aon chosúlacht a fháil. Gach uair dhaoine agus cumhacht a thit as a thuiscint bhí sé ábalta a tAthar a clois, ag magadh air, nach maith go leor, mar nach tuillte go leor, níl sé maith .... go leor..

Seanmháthair Snape deirtear go "chasing rainbows" é, fuair tú amach slisní sponge Victoria mar a glógarsach sí a teanga agus Severus insint a dhéanamh a ionchais níos ísle. Seanmháthair Prince pursáil a liopaí, ag insint Severus ní raibh a fhios acu gur rud maith é nuair a chonaic sé é mar a mhúin sí é Mallacht Dorchadas eile fós.

Bogha Báistí éalaigh air; ní bheadh an dorchadas.

togsos  also explained a little bit about the language for me:

'there is no translation for "pursed her lips" so it goes to "pursáil a liopaí" pursáil being the direct english word with an action addendum of áil. This happens quite alot for words that have no translation and for which we cannot find an alternative description. I should also add that Severus cannot exist as a name in irish as we dont have a v in our alphabet so it would have to be something like Sebherúis to sound correct.'

Thank you very much togs. *hugs*
Tags: drabble, severus snape, snape100
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