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15 song meme. Come and play...

chamekke was the first and others soon followed with this meme --

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line or two from the first 15 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly. Actually, I'm changing this bit. I'll take song title but I'm not too bothered about artist, because there are bound to be cover versions that I haven't heard of, and you won't have a clue which one I'm listening to *g*
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

1. You can do what you want just seize the day, What you're doing tomorrow's gonna come your way
2. Well, at the age of five they can do their jive -- Devil Gate Drive, guessed by dorsetgirl
3. Am I more than you bargained for, yeah -- Sugar we're goin' down, guessed by norfolkdumpling
4. There is a house in New Orleans -- House of the Rising Sun, guessed by saintvic and norfolkdumpling
5. When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to a place that's the best -- Spirit in the Sky, guessed by saintvic
6. Well, did you seen the old man outside the seaman mission -- Streets of London, guessed by saintvic
7. I see trees of green, red roses too -- What a Wonderful World, guessed by chamekke
8. You look into my eyes, I go out of my mind, I can't see anything -- Too Lost in You, guessed by norfolkdumpling
9. The Indians send signals from the rocks above the pass -- Cool for Cats, guessed by solosundance
10. Maybe you want to give me kisses sweet -- I Second that Emotion, guessed by severinne and draycevixen
11. Take me now baby here as I am, Pull me close, try and understand -- Because the Night, guessed by severinne
12. Cos he gets up in the morning and he goes to work at nine -- A Well Respected Man, guessed by saintvic
13. There ain't no good in our goodbye-in', true love takes a lot of tryin', oh I'm cryin'
14. Sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight -- Mr Blue Sky, guessed by solosundance
15. You'd better beware, you'd better take care, you'd better watch out if you've got long black hair -- Blockbuster, guessed by saintvic

Tags: meme, music, procrastination
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Pretty sure that 4 is House of the Rising Sun, The Animals. And 6 is Streets of London, Ralph McTell (I think). And I am sure 5 is Spirit in the Sky, lets go for the Norman Greenbaum version.

And I know I know more of these, so I'll be back.
Yes, yes and yes *g*

And yes, I'm sure you do know more ♥
And I just had a moment of inspiration.

15, Blockbuster by Sweet

12, A well resptected man, The Kinks

well hopefully anyway.
Blimey heck, woman, I haven't started to edit the post yet *g*

Absolutely correct, ma'am. Have a house point. Or soldier!Clay.
Well speedy is my middle name, *cough* not really it's actually Grace *sigh*.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm soldier!Clay, you are tempting me there with all the JDM.
Speedy would sound silly as a middle name. You're better off with Grace *g*

As if anyone needs any tempting with JDM...
Yay meme!

3. Sugar we're going down - Fallout Boy (I LOVE THIS SONG :D :D)

4. House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

8. Lost in you - Sugababes

Yay! Correct on all counts :D

I played no. 3 and didn't recognise it, but nos. 1 and 3 sons did and were singing along with it *g*
LOL. Proof positive that my mental age is somewhere around 'teenager'. Not that I needed proof, given that I've spent the evening downloading Glee songs. Kill. Me. Now.

It won't help my cause if I say that it's fandom's fault, because the main draws for me are Jonathan Groff and Darren Criss, then? And that JG is dating Zach Quinto and that DC was at a Versace show with Zach Quinto this week, so really it's just an extension of my Star Trek love? No? Didn't think so. Truth is - I loathe just about everything the show stands for, but it has perky pretty boys (OH GOD THEY'RE SO YOUNG) singing songs. I don't require much more, really. *g*
Fandom is to blame for many things and people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones *g*

no. 9 Cool for Cats by Squeeze
no. 14 Mr Blue Sky by ELO?

Yes and yes. Classics, both of 'em :)

Hello, btw. I don't think I've seen you around much lately. Or is it me that's not been paying attention?
Hello! It's true, I haven't been around but I'm taking time out from crappy RL stuff tonight and yay music meme!!
Number 7 is What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong (among others), yes?
Yes it is. And if I didn't have the answers to the rest I wouldn't have a clue meself *g*
10. I Second That Emotion... er, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, yes?

11. Because the Night, which I recognize by being partial to Patti Smith's version, which I somehow doubt was the original.
Yes, you're right. I'm pretty sure that's the version of Because the Night that I've got, but the cd is downstairs in the car and I can't be bothered to go and look for it *g* It's a fab song, anyway, one of my favourites at the mo.
Number 2 is "Devil Gate Drive" by Suzi Quatro. (Never thought I'd actually know any of these!)
Heehee, yes! And I know what you mean. The ones that are left, I'm looking at and thinking, huh? *g*

I got here too late and most of it's been guessed already, but #10 is "I second that Emotion" by Smokey Robinson.
It certainly is. And that's what you get for going out and leaving LJ to play without you *g*