Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

Pros drabble -- Do As I Do.

My first drabble from the recent drabble meme. I haven't filled up all the spaces so join in if you want to :)

This is for byslantedlight who requested Bodie/Doyle, cuts.

Do As I Do

Extract of minutes from a meeting held on 26th Feb 1987 to discuss departmental cuts -- pinned to the staff notice board in CI5.

It was proposed by 3.7 that another saving could be made if operatives shared accommodation, instead of the current 'one operative, one residence' rule. With a show of hands, five were in favour, two against and one abstained. The motion was passed. 3.7 then volunteered himself and 4.5 to be the first to implement the new rule, as both are due for a move, thus setting an example to more junior operatives. Mr. Cowley gave his agreement.

Tags: bodie/doyle, drabble meme, fic, pros
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