Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

Pros Rewatch -- Killer With A Long Arm

Well, I think that's officially answered the whole Rest Room/VIP Lounge question *g*

This is an episode that's spawned many icons. The Lads worked well together, and I swear Bodie was just about to molest Doyle's bum on more than one occasion. No? Just wishful thinking on my part, then *g*

The part where Doyle said that Cowley and Bodie shared the same secretary -- was that ad-libbed? Only, Cowley didn't rebuke Doyle for his flippancy and Bodie sunk down into the back seat grinning. And speaking of Betty… oh dear. Doyle was flaunting himself in front of her and she didn't leer, even once!

I was a bit puzzled by Cowley giving weight descriptions in pounds. Is this how the police force/security forces officially described people at the time? I mean, we weigh in stones and pounds, so instead of saying 130 lbs, I would say (*quickly does the maths*) 9 stone, 4lbs. Actually, if I was doing the describing, I would say small, medium or large build, because I'm rubbish at guessing people's weight!

All in all, another great episode with lots of Lads together-ness. This makes for a happy Hambel *beams*

Tags: episode summary, pros, pros rewatch
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