Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

Pros drabble -- Shadowed Intentions

Another from my drabble meme. This time for draycevixen who requested 'Doyle has a fan (as in person who fancies him/likes him). Writers's choice.' Here you are, petal...

Shadowed Intentions.

Bodie can see her watching from the shadows. Doyle's noticed her and thinks she means no harm, but then, Doyle thought that about Jill Haydon and look at the damage she almost managed to cause. Then there was May fucking Li, whose angelic looks almost brought about Doyle's premature demise.

She might be harmless, of course, this girl in the shadows. She might just be a girl with an infatuation -- a thing for older men -- and who could blame her? Bodie wouldn't fault her taste.

But if she wants to get to Doyle, she has to get to Bodie first.

Tags: bodie/doyle, drabble, drabble meme, pros
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