Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part Umpteen

With original credit to foreverfoxcat, but honestly, everybody's doing it… this is soooo 24 hours ago…

My Reasons To Be Cheerful (in no particular order) are…

Becoming a Gran for the first time in July this year, writing, my boys, family, sunny days, weight loss of 2st 10lb (so far!), good fanfic, Bodie/Doyle, Gene/Sam, Snarry, Harry Potter books, friends (online and offline), girlie evenings out, coffee with friends, internet, anonymous porn fests, Professionals, Life on Mars, picspams of gorgeous men, Sunday roast, Old Parish Poorhouse, freshly mown grass, a well-stocked fridge, my laptop, looking through old photos, leather gloves, writing holidays, taking photos, books on shelves, living near the sea, second-hand bookshops, finding obscure things on ebay, playing cds loudly in the car when I'm on my own, lazy days with the family, memes that cheer everybody up.

Tags: meme
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