Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

Pros drabble: Find him.

Title: Find him.
Fandom: Pros
Word Count: 100
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle if you squint
Summary: Bodie's missing
Disclaimer: I do not own Bodie or Doyle. Unfortunately.

Cross-posted to the_safehouse

Find him.

Finding Bodie should be easy enough. It's a part of what they do: finding people who don't want to be found; uncovering plots and conspiracies; tying up loose ends.

Finding Bodie should be a loose end that's easy to tie up, especially for Doyle who knows most of Bodie's secret places, all of his old girlfriends and some of his acquaintances from a distant and murky past.

Finding Bodie has become an obsession that fills every spare moment, using all the resources available to Doyle as a card-carrying member of CI5.

But when he finds Bodie….

….what will he say?

Tags: bodie/doyle, drabble, pros
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How about 'Bodie, I LOVE YOU, you great daft lump!'? No. Maybe not then. *g*

This is great hon - lots of feeling in such a short piece. Doyle will find him, won't he? *wibbles*
Nice icon.... <3
I'm hoping Doyle will find him.

Thank you <3
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful. So many questions, but it's still a complete story in just a few words: a nice sketch. :)
Thanks very much :)
...and you used the perfect icon for the story. <3
It's a lovely pose, isn't it? :)
Hey! You can't leave us hanging! I know Ray will find Bodie, but what will he say?
Nicely done - lots of emotio0n and questions in just a few words. Thanks for sharing.
Exactly! I have no idea.

Thank you :)