Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

AO3 invitations and a bit of rambling. Yeah, my titles are so inventive...

I still have a number of AO3 invitations so if anyone hasn't got an account and wants one, let me know your email address either by PM or a comment here.

In other news... it's been half-term this week. Yeah, nothing noteworthy there. No.2 son insists on keeping me updated with how he's been faring on his Xbox game. I think it's GTA, but I daren't ask because he'll assume I'm interested and I'll get more updates. As far as I know I've only ever shown disapproval of a game that encourages car theft and reckless driving, but he seems to think I should know how he's getting on. I did ask if he got more points the more people he knocked over and he rolled his eyes and informed me 'you don't score that way, mother.' Which of course reminded me of a certain Pros scene in a bowling alley and I stopped listening to him...

I've signed up for the Pros Big Bang. No, I don't know why either. I keep changing my mind with what to write. Do I want older lads? Together lads? Torn-apart lads? CI5 or AU? *sigh* It's started already.
Tags: family stuff, pros, pros big bang, rambling, writing
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