Hambel (hambelandjemima) wrote,

Pros drabble: All-Knowing.

Long ago, so long ago that I can't even count that far back, I did a meme inviting peeps to leave prompts and I would write them a drabble based on that prompt. norfolkdumpling showed me her rather nice icon --

-- and here's the drabble what I wrote *cue fanfare*


It's times like these when Bodie realises just how much he loves Ray Doyle. An unpredictable temper, a moral compass and skin-tight jeans encasing an undeniably masculine body shouldn't be a turn-on for an ex-SAS soldier who cut his teeth in the Liverpool docklands and spent his coming of age in yet another African war.

It's a fierce, possessive, all-consuming love and he'll never admit his feelings, not even to his irascible partner. Blokes don't feel like that about other blokes, do they?

Sometimes, Doyle looks at him… as if he knows.

But if Ray won't ask, Bodie won't tell.
Tags: bodie/doyle, drabble, drabble meme, pros, slash
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